Let's Support Local Initiative

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected so many businesses and lives since early 2020.

At Delvie's Plastics, we've been quite lucky in how busy we've stayed through most of the pandemic. Acrylic sheet demand is at an all time high. We have experienced a considerable increase in business throughout the year.

While we have been very lucky, we've seen so many businesses in our community struggle to keep their doors open. Some of our favorite restuarants, bars, local artists and businesses have had to make the decision to close their doors. We decided that we want to do our best to help the community around us in our own small way.

We are starting the "Let's Support Local Initiative".

The "Let's Support Local Initiative" is a program that allows our local customers to recieve a discount on their orders while helping their community. It's a basic, straightforward initiative; Simply present a receipt from a local business - restaurant, bar, bookstore, artist farmers market, grocery store, anything local - and recieve 15% off your local pickup order!

There just a few rules that apply to this initiative

  • Receipt must come from a local business, artist, grocery store, bar, restaurant.
    • *No major chains - the goal is to support local!
  • Receipt must be from within the last 5 days of your order

Not a Salt Lake City local? That's ok! It's so important right now to (SAFELY!) support your local community in anyway you can. We still encourage you to (again - SAFELY!) support your favorite local restaurants, bars, artists, and grocery stores.