Matte/Non Glare Acrylic Sheet

Matte/Non Glare Acrylic Sheet

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Product Description

Matte/Non Glare Acrylic Sheet Discount Eligibility
Typically known as "P95", Non-Glare Acrylic sheet is a matte sheet
that exhibits the ability to soften lighting, particularly in display
applications.  Normal uses include covers for art or photography
so reduce glare under exhibit or feature lighting, giving the viewer
a true view of the art or photo behind it.  Our Non-Glare Acrylic
sheet is an extruded acrylic sheet. 
*Can be combined with our other acrylic sheet types*
2 Sheets - 5% discount
4 Sheets - 7% discount
6 Sheets - 10% discount
8 Sheets - 12% discount
10 Sheets - 15% discount
Technical Specifications Acrylic Sheet Care
Acrylic sheet is made to exacting standards.

It offers excellent optical characteristics, thickness tolerances,
light stability, and low internal stress levels for consistent performance.

All sheets are subject to a +/- 1/8" cutting tolerance.

For a detailed MSDS sheet and more information, please download an 
information PDF here
Acrylic is a relatively soft material and can
scratch easily if not taken care of.  It also
naturally builds up a static charge and can
attract dust easily.  We carry the two most
recognized Acrylic cleaners available; Novus
and Brillianize

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Experts In Acrylic Sheet 
We have been supplying & working with acrylic sheet for over 65 years. 
Industry Tested & Demanded
Acrylic Sheet has remained a staple in countless
industries and we have been around long enough to learn
about them all.

Over the years, we have gained the knowledge our customers
rely on to achieve results their customers demand.

Acrylic Sheet: Made to Last

Acrylic sheet hasn't changed much over the years.  
It is manufactured to the same high quality standards 
used for decades.  

This results in sheet that meets (and often times, exceeds) 
industry standards time and time again.

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