Volume Discounts

Volume Discounts

Our discounts are all based on quantity.

Instead of offering free shipping and increasing our prices to offset the cost, we only charge the true cost to ship our product, and offer discounts when more than 1 product is purchased at a time.

You can mix and match any color, size, and thickness of acrylic sheet to get a discount, and often times your discount will exceed the cost of shipping!

Discount Eligibility
2 Sheets - 5% discount
4 Sheets - 7% discount
6 Sheets - 10% discount
8 Sheets - 12% discount
10 Sheets - 15% discount

Keep in mind, we also have a points program! Each time you purchase, make sure you're logged in and you'll have points automatically added to your account. You can use your points like cash for future orders!

Have questions? please email us at sales@delviesplastics.com or contact us directly at 801-467-1548. We'd love to chat!