Plastic Cutting Tool

Plastic Cutting Tool

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Product Description

Plastic Cutting Tool
The Plastic Cutting Tool is the perfect acrylic companion when making score- line cuts.  This tool is conveniently small but effective for making straight, scoreline cuts to acrylic sheets up to 1/4".  

Once the scoreline is made, it's as simple as snapping the sheet into your useable size!
Using the Plasticutter
  1. Mark your line

    1. With a pen or pencil, mark the sheet where you want the cut to be made. If you need a perfectly straight line, make sure to use a framing square.

  2. Score the material

    1. Score the material several times - repeat the scoring process once for every .025 inch of thickness.

      1. 1/8" inch = 5 times 

      2. 3/16" inch = 7 times

      3. 1/4" inch = 10 times . 

  3. Break along the scored line

    1. An easy way to break the material is to position one half on the edge of a table, forcing pressure on the other half. The material will quickly break along your scored line.Another option is to position a dowel or rod running along the length of the scored line. Firmly apply pressure on one side until the sheet cleanly breaks