Clear Round Extruded Acrylic Tube

Clear Round Extruded Acrylic Tube

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Product Description

Clear Extruded Acrylic Tubing Acrylic Sheet Care
Clear Extruded Tubing is a standard type of acrylic tubing
that has been used in applications ranging from displays, trade
shows, lighting applications, or water fixture applications. Our
Extruded tubing is an extruded acrylic.  

Acrylic is a relatively soft material and can 
scratch easily if not taken care of.  It also 
naturally builds up a static charge and can 
attract dust easily.  We carry the two most 
recognized Acrylic cleaners available; Novus 
and Brillianize

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Technical Specifications
For a detailed MSDS sheet and more information, please download an 
information PDF here