Weld-On #3 for Plexiglas and Acrylic Sheet

Weld-On #3 for Plexiglas and Acrylic Sheet

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Product Description

Weld-On #3 Solvent  Important Shipping Advisory
Weld-On #3 is a solvent cement
forumlated for cementing acrylic plastics
to similar acrylic plastics.  It will also form
stong bonds with other plastics such as
styrene, butyrate, and polycarbonate.  

Weld-On #3 is a very fast set, clear,
water-thin, non-flammable, high strength
solvent cement. The bond is affected by softening
the surfaces to be joined and fuses them
together.  An initial bond will be formed within
only a few minutes and strength will continue
to increase reapidly.  A full weld will be achieved
after 24 hrs. 
Due to restrictions enacted by the Air Pollution
Control Office, we are unable to ship Weld-On #3
Solvent Cement to certain counties in the state of
California;  Those counties include Los Angeles,
Riverside, San Bernardino, and Orange County. 
Technical Specifications 

Weld-On #3 is a professional solvent cement
that requires special attention when using.  
It is important to use this product in conjunction
with local building codes and standard shop
safety methods.  

Vaporation: Weld-On #3 can be vulnerable
to vaporation over time.  To avoid vaporation,
simply store Weld-On #3 in a cool, dark location.
For even more protection against vaporation,
it is recommended to store Weld-On #3 in a 
air tight sealed plastic bag.  

Application: Typical application of Weld-On #3 
is by way of a small needle nose applicator 
bottle.  This is a conventional method that will
allow for fine edge gluing.  Other methods include
dipping acrylic into Weld-On #3 or brushing
the solvent on to the surface of acrylic.  

Solvent Cement for Bonding Acrylics "FOR INDUSTRIAL 

Toxic Substance Control Act (TSCA) Restriction of Use: Methylene chloride 
This chemical /product is not and cannot be distributed in commerce 
(as defined in TSCA section 3(5)) or processed (as defined in TSCA section 
3(13)) for consumer paint or coating removal.