Weld-On #16 for Plexiglas and Acrylic Sheet

Weld-On #16 for Plexiglas and Acrylic Sheet

Code: weld_on_16



Product Description

Weld-On #16 Solvent Cement Technical Specifications
Weld-On #16 is especially formulated
to bond acrylic plastic.  It can also be
used for bonding styrene, butyrate, PVC,
ABS, and polycarbonate, as well as other
plastics and pourous surfaces.  

Weld-On #16 is recommended as an excellent
general purpose, high strength acrylic cement.  
It is especially useful where fast cure and high
strength are desired for applications such as
;arge housings, signs, plastic letters, industrial
fabrication, display items, lenses and models.  
Weld-On #16 is a professional solvent cement
that requires special attention when using.  
It is important to use this product in conjunction
with local building codes and standard shop
safety methods.  
Application: Typical application of Weld-On #16
is applied directly from the tube it is supplied in. 
Weld-On #16 is a thicker compound, similar in
consistency to syrup, that is recommended for
large coverage areas. 

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