Spiral Sewn Buffing Wheels

Spiral Sewn Buffing Wheels

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Product Description

Spiral-Sewn Buffing Wheels Technical Specifications
Our Spiral-Sewn Buffing Wheels are
the standard buffing wheel style. 
These wheels are much more rigid,
and therefore, require special attention
when using in order to avoid burning acrylic
sheet. Because the plies of the cotton cloth
are sewn together spirally, the wheel
maintanes stiffness, allowing more pressue
to be exerted.
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Sizes Available: 6", 8", 10"
*Note: smaller wheels are typically
used for lighter, less frequent buffing
needs, while larger diameters are 
used for larger buffing production*

Buffing Machinery: The standard
technique for acrylic buffing is with
the Baldor Buffer.  Also available is
our Arbor Adaptor, allowing a typical
power hand drill to facilitate a buffing