Aristrocrat/Polytex Liquid Glass

Aristrocrat/Polytex Liquid Glass

Code: polymer_coating



Product Description

Arisocrat/Polytex Liquid GlassUsage Information
Aristocrat Liquid Glass is a crystal clear polymer
coating that preserves and beautifies precious
photos, wall plaques, decorative trays, table 
and bar tops, burl clocks, figurines, etc.  The 
sparkling, glossy, clear film enhances wood grains
and lasts for years.  The two part 1 to 1 liquid mixture
is easy to apply and cures with the look of liquid glass
Heat and alcohol resistant.  
For indoor use only
Technical Specifications
Approximate Coverage Area
8oz Kit:
(4 oz Resin/4oz Hardener) 2 square feet
Pint Kit: (8oz Resin/8 oz Hardener) 4 square feet 
Quart Kit: (16 oz Resin/16 oz Hardener) 8 square feet
Gallon Kit: (64 oz Resin/64 oz Hardener) 32 square feet