#48 JRS Desk Name Plate Holders - 2" Tall

#48 JRS Desk Name Plate Holders - 2" Tall

Code: JRS_48




Product Description

#48 Desk Name Plate Holder - 2" Custom Cut Non-Glare Faceplates
JRS manfuactures high quality desk and door/wall
name plate holders in the USA with a commitment
to sustainable quality and unmatched performance.
Crafted to last, JRS has mastered the manufacturing
of high quality name and sign frame holders.
We offer a clear non-glare plate for use with paper inserts.
Our faceplates are laser cut to exact size and allow you to
protect, cover and hold in place paper or card stock.  They 
are 1/16" thick and feature an attractive non-glare finish.

Technical Specifications
Available Colors: Polishe Silver, Polished Gold,
Matte Black
Sizing: 2" height, up to 10" length
*custom sizing is available upon request*