Cherry Blossom ColorHues Acrylic Sheet

Cherry Blossom ColorHues Acrylic Sheet

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Product Description

Our Cherry Blossom Acrylic Sheet has a frosted pink hue
that is matte on one side and glossy on the other.
Perfect for use in laser machinery.

*Can be combined with our other acrylic sheet types*
2 Sheets - 5% discount
4 Sheets - 7% discount
6 Sheets - 10% discount
8 Sheets - 12% discount
10 Sheets - 15% discount
Technical SpecificationsAcrylic Sheet Care
Cutting Method: Laser cutting, CNC, Mechanical Saw
Material: Cell-Cast Acrylic Sheet
Finish: Glossy on one side, Frosted on the other
Cutting Tolerance: +/- 1/8"
Acrylic is a relatively soft material and can
scratch easily if not taken care of.  It also
naturally builds up a static charge and can
attract dust easily.  We carry the two most
recognized Acrylic cleaners available; Novus
and Brillianize

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