1/4" Clear Mirror - 50% Off!

1/4" Clear Mirror - 50% Off!

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Product Description

1/4" Clear Mirror Acrylic Sheet - 50% Off! 
Our Clear Mirror Acrylic sheet is just that: Clear Mirror.  This sheet is a standard alternative to typical glass mirror due to its lightweight and durable characteristics.  This sheeting looks identical to regular glass mirror in all ways, making it a great choice for large coverage areas such as home gyms, dance studios, or effect usage. Our Mirrored Acrylic sheet is an extruded acrylic sheet.

Sale Pricing:
12"x12": $13.75 $6.50
12"x20": $30.00 $13.00
12"x24": $30.00 $13.00
24"x24": $52.00 $26.00
24"x48": $92.00 $52.00

Technical Specificationss
Cutting Method: Laser cutting, CNC, Mechanical Saw
Material: Extruded Acrylic Sheet
Finish: Mirror
Cutting Tolerance: +/- 1/8"