Laser Glow

Laser Glow

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Product Description

Rowmark Laser Glow

A glow in the dark, fully laserable acrylic sheet! With a clear backing, engraving will reveal the clear backing creating a contrast in the dark.

Rowmark's glow product is specially engineered to exceed the photo-luminescent standards set by many municipalities and organizations.This is the ideal choice for exit, emergency and way-finding signage, arts and crafts, party accessories, and more!
Technical Specifications
Material: Modified Impact Acrylic
Thickness: 1/16" Thick
Finish: Glow
Usage: Interior Signage, Peronsal Identification, Crafting
Engraving Method: Laserable & Rotating Carbide 
Cutting Depth: .003 (.08mm)
Cutting Tolerance: +/- 1/8" 

Discount Eligability:
*Can be combined with our other Rowmark sheet types*

2 Sheets - 5% discount
4 Sheets - 7% discount
6 Sheets - 10% discount
8 Sheets - 12% discount
10 Sheets - 15% discount