Flux Beambox & Beamo Acrylic Laser Settings

The Beambox and Beamo give users the ability to cut and engrave many types of material, including acrylic. Whether you're just beginning to experiment with your machine, or you've been creating for years, the cutting chart below can serve as a handy reference when cutting acrylic on your Beambox and Beamo. 

With thousands of combinations of thicknesses, colors, and sizes of acrylic to choose from, the creative possibilities are endless!

Whether you're using the Beambox, Beamo, or Beamo Pro, we can cut our acrylic to whatever size you need, free of charge! Either use the 'custom size' option, or order the next size up, and include a message with your order requesting your custom size. 

Acrylic Plexiglass Cutting Guide - Beambox, Beamo, Beamo Pro

Material - All 1/16" (0.06") Thick Acrylic

Speed: 14 mm/sec
Power: 25%
Pass: 1

Material: All 1/8" (0.120") Thick Acrylic
Speed: 8 mm/sec
Power: 33%
Pass: 1

Material: All 1/4" (0.230") Thick Acrylic

Speed: 4 mm/sec
Power: 50%
Pass: 1

2-Tone Material: All 1/16" Gemini or Rowmark Material

Speed: 10 mm/sec
Power: 25%

Speed: 60 mm/sec
Power: 20%
DPI: 500

*Note: The settings above work for most cuts, however, if you are having trouble please email us at: sales@delviesplastics.com


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