HEATING ELEMENTS - 500 Watt Element

    HEATING ELEMENTS - 500 Watt Element

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    Plastic Welding is fun and easy. Welding plastics (Polyethylene, Polyproplyene, PVC, ABS) requires that you melt the plastics together. A flame is too hot and only burns the plastics. Our Seeley welding units have a heating element in the handle that heats the air to approx. 550 F which melts that plastics together without burning the materials. The weld in the plastic is often stronger than the original plastic itself. It is easy to repair a fender or gas tank on an ATV. Remember that you must use a welding rod that is the same type of material that you are welding.

    500 Watt - Temp 460 - 770F
    650 Watt - Temp 570 to 900F
    220 Volt Elements available on special order.
    Our elements work on all of our Seeley SI-1005 Welders. It's always a good idea to keep a spare element just in case your present element burns out. This will save you a lot of time if you are in the middle of a job. Our welders come with the 500 Watt installed but we also offer a 650 watt element. This is a hotter element and you should be careful when using it. We recommend a 500 Watt element for all type of welding, it is hot enough for fast welding but not too hot to burn the welding rod.
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