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Cell Cast Acrylic Sheet

1/16" to 1" Thickness
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3/16" Thickness Cut to Size
1/4" Thickness Cut to Size

1-1/4" Thickness
1-1/2" Thickness
2" Thickness

Transparent Cast Acrylic Sheet

Available in 1/16" to 1/4" Thickness

Translucent Cast Acrylic Sheet

Available in 1/16" to 1/4" Thickness

Fluorescent Cast Acrylic Sheet

Available in 1/8" to 1/4" Thickness

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Aristocrat Water Clear Polyester Casting Resin


Aristocrat crystal clear polyester casting resin is a liquid plastic, when catalyst is added to the resin a chemical reaction causes the resin to cure and harden into a rock hard, crystal clear piece. It is an easy to use, water clear polyester resin, perfect for making decorative plastic craft items. You can use an assortment of molds we offer to embed and encapsulate coins, dried flowers, insects, seashells, stones, and many other objects forever in plastic.

Available in pints, quarts, gallons and for extra saving a case of 4 gallons.

All resins come complete with hardener (catalyst).

We have a complete line of molds, dyes, and pigments, all available for online ordering.

Are you thinking of covering a table top or embedding objects in a table top? Our casting resin may not be your best choice. We suggest using our Polymer Epoxy Coating for covering table tops.

A few point to remember when using our Aristocrat Polyester Resin:
All polyester resins have a VERY strong odor when curing. Always use in a well ventilated area.
All polyester resins are very sticky and messy, we suggest using disposable plastic gloves when working with polyester resins.
Clean up with acetone. Acetone can be found at any hardware store. (Acetone is very flammable, always follow the direction on the can).
Read the MSDS (material safety data sheet) prior to purchasing or using our polyester resin.
Resins have a shelf life. We suggest storing the rein in a cool location and use within 6 months of purchase.
Always use protective eyewear when mixing and using reins and plastic disposable gloves to protect your skin.

Caution Follow safety instructions carefully. Not suitable for use by children.
Always read our technical bulletin and MSDS sheets prior to purchasing our using our polyester resin.

There is a 6 month shelf life for this product.
Make sure you do not order more resin than you will use in 6 months.
Store the resin in a cool area for the longest shelf life.

Crystal Clear Casting Resin Pint Can $17.65
Crystal Clear Casting Resin Quart Can $25.00
Crystal Clear Casting Resin Gallon Can $68.00
Crystal Clear Casting Resin Case of 4 -1 Gallon Cans $215.00

Surface Curing Agent

Polyester resins will not fully cure when they are exposed to the air.
When you are casting resin in a mold, all of the resin that is against the mold will cure, but the surface of the resin that is exposed to the air will not fully cure. It will stay sticky and somewhat soft. (Think of it like baking a cake, if you flip a cake pan over and turn the cake upside down, the top of the cake, the part that was against the pan is fully cured, but the bottom of the cake, which was the top and exposed to the air, will not fully cure.) Our surface curing agent resolves this problem. It allows a thin layer of wax to form on the top of the resin and allows the resin to fully cure to a hard tack free surface. This product slightly clouds the resin so don't use it when you are doing a crystal clear casting.

2 oz. is enough to cure 1 gallon of resin.

2 Oz. Bottle Surface Curing Agent $6.00

Castin Craft Resin Spray

Use our Castin Craft Resin Spray to cover the area that is exposed to the air and never fully cures. It is an excellent sealer and high gloss finish. Ideal for covering imperfections on polyester casting pieces and sealing off surface tackiness on polyester casting resin castings. Use on metal, wood, sea shells, paper, dried flowers, etc.

5-3/4 oz. Spray Can $6.00



Castin'Craft Transparent Dyes:

These universal dyes can be used with Castin'Craft Clear Polyester Casting Resin and Easy Cast Clear Casting Epoxy. Transparent Dyes are available in 1oz containers with drop dispenser.
1 oz. is enough to do a quart of resin.

Available in Red, Blue, Green, Amber and Yellow
You choose the color after ordering.

1 Oz. Transparent Resin Dye $3.95

Castin'Craft Opaque Pigments:

These universal opaque pigments can be used with Castin'Craft Clear Polyester Casting resin and Easy Cast Clear Casting Epoxy. Secondary colors such as orange and purple are easy to create by blending two or more pigments. Castin'Craft Opaque Pigments are available in 1 oz. containers with drop dispenser.
1 Oz. is enough to do a quart of resin.

Available in White, Black, Red, Blue, Yellow, Green, Brown and Pearlescent
You choose the color after ordering.

1 Oz. Opaque Resin Pigment $4.10

Mold Release/Conditioner:

All molds require mold release when casting with Clear Polyester Casting Resin. We recommend Mold Release/Conditioner as a release agent and to clean, condition and extend the life of your molds. Convenient 2 oz. spray pump for easy of application. Odorless, solvent free. 2 oz Spray Bottle

4 Oz. Spray Mold Release/Conditioner $7.30




Gel Promoter

For use with polyester resin. Add up to 4 drops of Gel Promoter to each ounce of resin. This will give a gel in approximately 1 minutes, allowing the inclusion of glitter or other heavy materials to resin without settling out. Add Gel Promoter after resin has been catalyzed and imbedments included. Cure time remains the same.

2 Oz. Bottle Gel Promotor $4.50

Bulk stir sticks

4-1/2" x 3/8" stir sticks. Use our stir sticks to mix the resin with the catalyst and color pigments or dyes. They are inexpensive and you can throw them away after each use.
Box of 1000 pcs.






Box of 1000 Stir Sticks $5.00

Polyethylene Molds for Polyester Casting Resin

We have a complete assortment of polyethylene molds for use with our polyester casting resin.