Liquid Latex Mold Making Rubber

Mold builder - liquid latex rubber for making your own molds large and small. A smooth-flowing liquid latex that you can brush over models to create flexible molds that will produce many plaster castings. Just brush on several thin air-drying coats of Mold Builder and peel off a ready to use rubber mold. Mold Builder reproduces fine details, has good elongation and stretch. High solid content produces quick build-up. Simple water clean-up. General instructions for making molds and shells is furnished with each can. For complete instructions see our book "How to Make Latex Molds"

Quick drying, fast build up, economical to use, peels easily form the model, flexible and stretchable, harmless to most surfaces and requires no mold release makes Delvie's Plastics Mold Builder the ideal product.
Mold Builder latex rubber is a one-component system that requires no mixing, it is ready to use right out of the container. Our latex rubber is relatively inexpensive, compared to other mold making products. It is an elastic mold rubber and molds are generally thin-walled, strong and exhibit good abrasion resistance. Because of its high elasticity, a feature unique to latex rubber, it has the ability to be removed from a model like a glove. A latex mold will retain its shape after being repeatedly rolled up and away (and turned inside out) from an original model or casting – like a glove. Because of this feature and its resistance to abrasion, latex is commonly used for making “glove molds” in the reproduction of ornamental concrete (lawn ornaments and statuary). Latex molds are also good for casting wax and gypsum.

Now you can duplicate figurines, sculptures and other items with safe, brushable latex rubber. Mold Builder will not stick to metal, clay, ceramics, plaster, wood or plasticene clay. Mold Builder molds are durable, reusable, and economical to make. The molds you make from Mold Builder can be used to make secondary molds of lifecastings, cast paper, plaster, candle wax, craft soap and casting resins.