Extruded Acrylic Sheet

Extruded Acrylic Sheet

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Product Description

Extruded Acrylic SheetDiscount Breakdown
Similar to cast acrylic, the extruded line offers similarly beautiful acrylic at a discounted price. 

This material is perfect for crafts, laser engraving, 
displays, and any application that doesn't necessitate Cast acrylic. 
Up to 50% off original pricing!
Technical SpecificationsAcrylic Sheet Care
Our sheet offers excellent optical characteristics, thickness tolerances, light stability, and low internal stress levels for consistent performance.

All sheets are subject to a +/- 1/8" cutting tolerance.

All extruded sheets are subject to prior sale. 
Acrylic is a relatively soft material and can scratch easily if not taken care of.  It also 
naturally builds up a static charge and can 
attract dust easily.  We carry the two most 
recognized Acrylic cleaners available; Novus 
and Brillianize