Baldor #114 Buffer

Baldor #114 Buffer

Code: Baldor_Buffer



Product Description

Baldor #114 Buffer Technical Specifications
The #114 Buffer manufactured
by Baldor is a polishing workhorse.
Baldor manufactures these units
to outstanding standards and is 
backed by a 3 year warranty.  The
buffer boasts a 1800 RPM capability;
the perfect RPM to prevent acrylic sheet

Worth noting: We use the #114 Baldor
Buffer in our shop daily and have had
the same unit for many years.  

Important Considerations: Because
the #114 Baldor Buffer is such a high 
quality professional unit, it is very 
important to use with care and standard
safety precautions.  It is wise to attach the
unit to your workbench or table prior to use
in any circumstance.  
Horse Power: .25
Volts: 115
Hz Phase: 60hz
Poles: 4

The #114 Baldor Buffer comes equipped with 
two .5" dia shafts for the option of using two
different sizing buffing wheels, allowing the
opportunity to maximize efficiency and production.