Acrylic Plexiglass Solvent Cements

Weld-On #3 is a solvent cement formulated for cementing acrylic plastic to itself. It will also form strong bonds with other plastics such as styrene, butyrate and polycarbonate to themselves.

Weld-On #3 is a very fast, clear, water thin, non-flammable, high strength, solvent-type acrylic cement. The bond is affected by softening the surfaces to be joined and fusing them together. An initial bond will be formed within a few minutes and its strength will increase rapidly. Substantial strength will be obtained within a few hours.

It is a free-flowing capillary, solvent type bonding cement for acrylics. It glues the sheet by softening the surface and welds them together. Weld-on 3 is a superior water thin, fast drying, crystal clear cement that can be applied with a brush, medicine dropper, or hype-solvent applicator or syringe.