Acrylic Balls, Half Round Balls and Cubes

Our acrylic balls offer high light transmittance with a Refractive Index of 1.49. Prolonged exposure to moisture, or even total immersion in water, does not significantly effect the mechanical or optical properties of our acrylic balls. Our acrylics have been UV stabilized for good weatherability and resistance prolonged sunlight exposure.

Use our half round balls for bottoms of projects as "feet" or any other uses where half spheres are needed. Clear, acrylic cabochons are polished to perfection. Use with our clear acrylic spheres or use alone for custom acrylic work and decorations. Please note: The bottoms of our 1/2 round balls are not perfectly flat.

Our polished acrylic cubes are crystal clear and polished on all 6 sides. The cubes are extruded acrylic so they do not work well with internal carving but they are an excellent choice when you need clear square cubes for various projects. These cubes work great for heating the cubes, drilling and then cooling to get weird effects. They can also be used for knobs, risers, and feet in acrylic construction.