Solvent Applicator Bottle - 2 Oz.

    Solvent Applicator Bottle - 2 Oz.

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    Our applicator bottle is made exclusively for applying thin acrylic solvent cements (Weld On #3). The bottle is a full 2 oz. size and the needle allows for capillary cementing of acrylic plexiglass sheets. The bottle comes with a dust proof cap to protect the blunt needle. Do not use with Weld on #16
    Tip: When using the bottle, keep the bottle upright and squeeze a little bit of air out the bottle. As you tip the bottle and move the needle towards the sheet you want to cement, let a little bit of air into the bottle. Just the heat from your hands tends to expand the solvent cement and forces a drop or two onto the sheet.

    ANY solvent cement that gets onto the sheet will mar sheet. Take extra precautions to make sure the only cement you get on the sheet is where you want it.
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