Spiral Sewn Buffing Wheels

    Spiral Sewn Buffing Wheels

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    It is easy to buff the edge of an acrylic sheet into a crystal clear edge, just as clear as the surface of the sheet.

    First you need to prepare the edge by sanding all of the saw marks from the surface of the edge.

    This can be done with a 100 grit paper, a lower grit paper is needed if the edge is really rough. After using a 100 grit paper move to a 300 grit then to a 400 to 600 grit.

    Wet/dry sand paper works best, use a small amount of water when sanding.
    Make sure that all of the saw marks are removed from the edge and the edge is smooth and clean.

    Next, use a buffing wheel on the edge. We offer buffing wheels in 5" to 10" diameters, 50 ply wheels.

    Our 50 ply are approx. 3/4" wide, this makes the polishing job easier and faster.

    If you have a little buffing to do, use our 5" wheel, if you have a lot of buffing, use a 8" or 10" 50 ply wheel.
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    We also carry a spiral sewn buffing wheel. This wheel is a much more stiff wheel. Spiral sewn wheels are the workhorse of most buffing and polishing jobs. Because the plies of cotton cloth are sewn together spirally, the wheel becomes much harder and more pressure can be exerted on it. Be careful when you use this wheel so that you do not burn or cut the acrylic.