Code: SE_Scott_SM400K

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    Engraving is fun, easy and inexpensive. Make a custom door or desk name plate or a name tag in minutes with our engraving stock, a multi colored plastic with a top sheet color and a different colored core (for instance a black face and a white core). With our Scott Engraving Machinery you simply trace the shape of the letters and permanently cut the shape into our engraving stock.

    Engraving is a simple operation with professional results

    You have a wide range of material colors, type styles and symbols

    Our Scott Machines are manufactured in the U.S.A.

    We offer both large and small formats of manual engraving machies. Our tag engravers are ideal for making name tags and small signs up to 3-12" high and our large engravers have a 10" x 18" capacity for making everything from small name tags to directory boards.
    This is the same engraver as our SM100 but with a selectable ratio arm that allows ratio selections 2:1, 2.5:1, 3:1, 3.5:1, and 4:1. Produce 5 finished sizes from one master.

    The selectable ratio machine utilizes an easy-to-operate "sliding motion" to select desired ratio.

    Obtain those "in-between sizes" quickly and easily.

    Specifically designed for making name tags and small signs up to 3 1/2" high by any length.

    Includes: high speed, universal (117 volt, 60 Hz) motor metal copy table and pantograph arm

    The complete kit includes:

    2 - type holder bars
    2 - letter locks
    1 - 20° tracing stylus
    1 - 34° tracing stylus
    1 - motor mounted depth control for up to 1/8" cutter
    1 - stylus mounted depth control
    1 - TA2 tag adapter
    4 - hex wrenches (5/32", 1/8", 1/16", 3/32")
    1 - cutter gauge
    1 - CA4 1/16" carbide cutter; operator's manual.
    A complete kit for making engraved tags and small signs. This kit also includes: 3 - carbide cutters (CA1, 1/64"; CA2, 1/32"; CA4, 1/16"); 1 - diamond drag cutter; 3 - master fonts (ML211, 3/8"; ML212, 5/8"; ML13, 1") giving you finished letter sizes of 9/16" and smaller in 1/16" increments; 1 - ML500 arrowhead template; 3 - font trays; 1 - SR slide rule (an easy to use tool that permits you to predetermine length of engraved signs, suitable letter size and overall blank dimensions); sample practice material.
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