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    Plastic Welding is fun and easy. Welding plastics (Polyethylene, Polyproplyene, PVC, ABS) requires that you melt the plastics together. A flame is too hot and only burns the plastics. Our Seeley welding units have a heating element in the handle that heats the air to approx. 550 F which melts that plastics together without burning the materials. The weld in the plastic is often stronger than the original plastic itself. It is easy to repair a fender or gas tank on an ATV. Remember that you must use a welding rod that is the same type of material that you are welding.

    We use only virgin resins and adhere to strictest quality control methods available. This ensures that you receive the absolute best plastic welding rod available.
    Because of our control standards, we are able to offer a welding rod that is superior in quality to any of our competitors. Don't risk using an inferior welding rod that costs you valuable production time when you can use premium-grade welding rod.

    We guarantee the consistent diameter, the consistent shape, of our plastic welding rod.

    No other manufacturer of plastic welding rod can match our pledge to total customer satisfaction!

    All of our plastics welding rod is manufactured in 1/8" dia. x 48" in length.
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