#49 JRS Door/Wall Name Plate Holder - 4" Tall

    #49 JRS Door/Wall Name Plate Holder - 4" Tall

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    Delvie's Plastics stocks a complete line of desk, door and wall holder.

    All of our holders are available in many stock sizes and lengths. All holders are highly polished and anodized in Polished Rose Gold, Polished Silver and Matte Black and they will enhanse any decor.

    Our door/wall holders are available in two styles, standard and our exclusive executive ribbed holders. We stock our standard door/wall holders in a 1", 1-1/2", 2", 3" and 4" height and a 6", 8", 10" and 12" height.

    Our door/wall holders are available in two styles:
    standard and executive ribbed
    And in three decorative finishes:

    Matte Black
    Polished Rose Gold
    Polished Silver
    Our door/wall name plate holders let you to slide an engraved plastic name plate, or a printed heavy paper name plate into the slotted track. The track width will accommodate up to 1/16" in thickness.

    All holders 1-1/4" and taller come with 2 pre drilled holes to attach the door/wall holders. (Screws are not included) Screw holes are available in our smaller plates by request only

    You can change name plates as often as you like by sliding the old plate out and the new plate in.

    We also offer a clear non-glare face plate for use with paper inserts. Our face plates are laser cut to exact size and allow you to protect, cover and hold in place paper or card stock. They are 1/32" thick and have a non-glare finish.
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