Hanging Light Bar

    Hanging Light Bar

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    Acrylic like you've never seen before

    Our Light Up Acrylics Light Bars give you the ability to turn our acrylic into eye catching creations! Acrylic sheet has the ability to transfer light uniformly throughout, only highlighting at the edges and any etchings on the sheet itself. You simply laser etch your art work into our sheet and use one of our Light Up Acrylics Light Bars to make that art work pop!

    Please note: This is for the hardware only

    How It Works

    The Light Up Acrylics Hanging Light Bars are comprised of simple, elegant black extruded aluminum "channels" that house 1/4" thick acrylic sheet. There is a matching black chain attached to the fixture for easy hanging. At each end of the fixture, there are 1/8" mounting holes that allow you to use the supplied threaded set screws to securely fix the sheet to the fixture.

    Everything You Need To Get Started

    Each kit will ship with a light fixture with LED strip cut to size, two set screws, hex wrench for set screws, adaptor, and a remote for controlling the light fixture. You will also need a #6-32NC Acrylic Tap for threading the acrylic sheet. These are sold separately on our website.


    Free Shipping when 5 or more Light Up Acrylics Light Bars are purchased.


    Light Up Acrylics Hanging standard sizes available:
    • 12"
    • 18"
    • 24"
    • 32"
    please note: a necessary accessory for the Light Up Acrylics is a #6-32NC Acrylic Tap is sold separately.
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