12 Oz. Bottle Goo Gone

    12 Oz. Bottle Goo Gone

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    Removing “stuck on” paper masking from acrylic sheet.

    Paper masking protects acrylic sheet from scratches and is normally easy to remove. It is the best masking to protect the sheet, but if the sheet has been stored in a hot area, exposed to sunlight for a long period of time or if the sheet is very old, usually 3 years or more, the adhesive will actually weld to the sheet and you can’t remove it, no matter how hard you try.

    We are using a sheet that is over 8 years old and the masking cannot be removed by trying to peel it from the sheet. The paper tears in little pieces and the masking sticks to the sheet. It is impossible to get the paper off this sheet. The glue on the back side of the protective paper has welded itself to the sheet.

    The best product we have found to remove this stuck on paper is Goo Gone. It is available in assorted size bottles in both a liquid and a gel formulation. Either formulation works for removing stuck paper masking from acrylic sheet.

    Spray or pour Goo Gone liberally on the sheet. In this case the more the better. You want to completely soak the paper masking. Let the Goo Gone soak into the sheet for 10 to 20 minutes or until it starts to dry out. Don’t let the Goo Gone completely dry out but don’t rush the process either. You want the sheet to be soaked through. Our size bottle will remove over 128 sq. ft. of paper masking.
    After the sheet has had time to soak, but before it is completely dries out start peeling the paper at one corner. Be careful and patient to get the paper started without tearing it. You want the paper to peel off the sheet in one piece. If it is not coming off apply more Goo Gone and wait for the masking to break down.

    With patience the masking will just about fall off the sheet. When you are done wash the sheet with soap and water and dry it with a soft cloth.

    In this example we easily removed the masking from a very old sheet of acrylic and instead of throwing the sheet away we were able to use it for our project.
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