Praying Hands Molds - 8" Tall x 5"

    Praying Hands Molds - 8" Tall x 5"

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    Our MC molds are made from extra durable polyethylene. Polyethylene is the ideal plastic to use when casting with our Crystal clear polyethylene casting resin. Use Castin'Craft Mold Release/Conditioner to clean and condition molds for longer use.

    Self releasing polypropylene molds for use with Castin'Craft Clear Polyester resin and Easy Cast Clear Casting Epoxy.

    In 8 different sizes, including square, rectangle and domes
    Purchase any of our MC Polyethylene Molds and receive the following disounts:(mix and match any combination to get the best discount)
    • 2 Molds 5% discount
    • 4 Molds 7% discount
    • 6 Molds 10% discount
    • 8 Molds 12% discount
    • 10 Molds 15% discount
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