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Cell Cast Acrylic Sheet

1/16" to 1" Thickness
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1-1/4" Thickness
1-1/2" Thickness
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Transparent Cast Acrylic Sheet

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Translucent Cast Acrylic Sheet

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Fluorescent Cast Acrylic Sheet

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Weld-On #3 for Plexiglas and Acrylic Sheet

Weld-On #3 is a solvent cement formulated for cementing acrylic plastic to itself.  It will also form strong bonds with other plastics such as styrene, butyrate and polycarbonate to themselves. 

Weld-On #3 is a very fast, clear, water thin, non-flammable, high strength, solvent-type acrylic cement.  The bond is affected by softening the surfaces to be joined and fusing them together.  An initial bond will be formed within a few minutes and its strength will increase rapidly.  Substantial strength will be obtained within a few hours.

It is a free-flowing capillary, solvent type bonding cement for acrylics.  It glues the sheet by softening the surface and welds them together.  Weld-on 3 is a superior water thin, fast drying, crystal clear cement that can be applied with a brush, medicine dropper, or hype-solvent applicator or syringe.

Parts to be joined should be clean and fit without forcing. Apply cement with syringe, eyedropper or brush.  Assemble while parts are still wet. If cement is applied to one surface, let the two surfaces be in gentle contact for a few seconds to allow the cement to soften the dry surfaces, then press parts together in firm contact.  For capillary method, parts are placed lightly together and cement is applied to the edge of the joint with syringe or eyedropper. By capillary action, the cement will flow a considerable distance. Allow a few seconds for the cement to soften the surfaces. Press parts firmly together.

For soak method, vertically dip surfaces until softened (approx. 2 to 5 minutes), then join pieces firmly together.

Please see the manufactures instruction sheet for general instructions and safety issues.

Do you live in Southern California? We are unable to ship this product into Los Angeles, Riverside, San Bernardino and Orange counties by order of the Air Pollution Control office.

4 Oz. Can $6.50
Pint Can $12.00
Quart Can $18.50

Gallon Can $67.00
Case of 4 - One Gallon Cans $234.00

Weld-On #16 for Plexiglas and Acrylic Sheet

WELD-ON® 16™ is especially formulated to bond acrylic plastic. It can also be used for bonding styrene, butyrate, PVC, ABS and polycarbonate, as well as other plastics and porous surfaces. SUGGESTED BONDING APPLICATIONS AND RECOMMENDATIONS:

WELD-ON 16 is recommended as an excellent general purpose, high strength acrylic cement. It is especially useful where fast cure and high strength are desired for applications such as large housings, signs, plastic letters, industrial fabrications, display items, lenses and models.


WELD-ON 16 is a very high strength, clear, medium bodied, fast curing, solvent-type acrylic cement. Applied to cast, molded or extruded acrylics, it will affect initial bonds very quickly so some parts may be handled within a few minutes. Bond strength continues to develop very rapidly reaching a substantial level and forming strong joints within hours. This product may be thinned with WELD-ON 3 by approximately 10%. Initial bond forms very quickly so some parts may be handled within a few minutes of application. Joints are water and weather resistant and will generally have similar physical and chemical properties to acrylic plastic.

Please see the manufactures instruction sheet for general instructions and safety issues.

1-1/2 Oz Tube Weld On #16 $4.00
5 Oz Tube Weld On #16 $7.00



Applicator Bottle (Empty)


Our applicator bottle is made exclusively for applying thin acrylic solvent cements (Weld On #3).  The bottle is a full 2 oz. size and the needle allows for capillary cementing of acrylic plexiglass sheets.  The bottle comes with a dust proof cap to protect the blunt needle. Do not use with Weld on #16


Tip:  When using the bottle, keep the bottle upright and squeeze a little bit of air out the bottle.  As you tip the bottle and move the needle towards the sheet you want to cement, let a little bit of air into the bottle.  Just the heat from your hands tends to expand the solvent cement and forces a drop or two onto the sheet.  ANY solvent cement that gets onto the sheet will mar sheet.  Take extra precautions to make sure the only cement you get on the sheet is where you want it.


2 Oz. Applicator Bottle $2.85